Tuesday, January 28, 2014

wednesday talk talk : payung

It was happen few years back , when im still with oranje lion company. Monorail  is my main transportation home -to- office and vice versa. That evening, rain poured heavily and I forgot to bring umbrella. I need to wait at the office parlor hoping and praying bumped out with my officemate but it is none. I just pray ,"ya Allah, please ada sorang yang aku kenal turun bawah bawak payung, dapat tumpang sampai station monorail pun cukuplah",.amin.  The rain does not show any signed to stop but keep become heavily than before . I cannot simply ran to monorail station which took 10 minutes walking since the floor is slippery and it causes me wet the wholebody. Almost 30minutes of waiting , I saw one kakak from different department but we always met at surau.
"kamu tunggu siapa"? that kakak asked me. "tunggu hujan berhenti". my answered with smile since i noticed that kakak also not brought an umbrella, if not i might asked for help.

kakak :awak duduk area .... kan
me :haah
kakak: jomlah kejap lagi suami akak datang nak ambil anak akak dekat kl sentral boleh hantarkan awak sekali.

oh men,  memang waktu tu aku rasa nak sujud syukur dekat parlor office tu jugak. I just pray for someone to lend me an umbrella so that I might reach to monorail station in dry. However, Allah's sent me something better, officemate offer me to take home bycar and pretty sure i might not be late and not wet at all..

Everytime i failed to get something that I want, the results is not according to my expectation or I dont reach to certain target that I wish , my brain will quickly reflect back to this story. Allah's does not grant some of your wish because he had plan something better and you deserve something better. Keep faith on him and keep on have good intention with the Creator.



Time Traveller said...

Alhamdulilah bersyukur sgt .. bantuan Allah itu datang bila2 masa2 sahaja :D

matjabanind said...

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Anwar Abdullah @ Kaio said...

ada orang cakap waktu hujan waktu yg afdal untuk berdoa. mungkin.. hurm...

btw, jemput lah singgah

Hamidahamdan said...

Sesungguhnya pertolongan Allah itu sangat dekat (al baqarah :214). :-)