Wednesday, January 1, 2014

wrapped up 2013

happy new year 2014 ... InsyaAllah it will be the kick start for BMW 3 series..haha.  Here we go for 2013 updated

1. Travel
- due to move to the new company untuk tempat berteduh maka bonus ku prorated , bila dah pro rata ni pepaham je lah mak jemah nak travel kena berjimat. orang kata mak jemah kalau travel macam diva, belanjanya sekian, berjalannya juga sekian.
- tahun ni ke surabaya , jakarta bandung dan vietnam . bru perasan tahun ni paling sikit travel tripnya.  dua trip indonesia itu semuanya dengan keluarga jadi kalau travel family sopan dia lebih sikit, banker kiri kanan jadi jimat duitku dan lebih pada leisures faire concept.
-untuk tahun 2014 adalah senarai tempat yang sudah disenarai  terangkan , doa tulus moga Allah permudahkan dan sesungguhnya kaki melangkah untuk menambahkan pengalaman.

- I lost the most fantastic woman in my life , my grandmother.
- Like a dream and I hope if I wake up in the morning wan's (grandma) still alive, that's my word to my cousin in law after I am  finish took ablution for quran's recitation. As how in my posted status in Fb : wan , along gonna miss you for the whole of my entirely life.
-it happen fast, in the morning we still chat about Malaysian political scenario since the week after that is general election and about my mr right yet to come. At night, I need to accept the fact she gone to the Creator.
-how fantastic my grandma is she remembered all of her family members birthday including all her children's in law, she will be the first person to call blasting if any of us in bad condition, will call everyone to come back to rawang if she cooks any of our favorite food even though in the past 2 years she's not very that well. Concern on my single life and put some of criteria what type of future man to be beside me. She loves to travel even she got the opportunity to do that with anak anak on her old age like : western australia travel trip, egypt before jasmine revolution cover up alaxandr, cairo, sinai, indonesia , brunei ...kalau nenek aku dulu buat blog kalah korang yang travel ni.
- those who read this , it is pleasures if you could recite Al fatihah to my grandma hajjah ramlah malek. amin and thanks y'ols.

- meet new people and gain relationship, tak rugi ramai kawan and never put any with label negative or positive vibes. for me we are suppose to adapt with environment not people around us
-bonding tight with those along our lifetime and share our concern, jatuh bangun pahit manis tangis tawa bersama

- need to involve and get trust to handle many projects , once people start trusting on you , you need to be ready and perform yourself two times better than expectation.
-kekadang memang nampak emotional out of no where kalau handle task with super duper urgency. tanyalah kawan kawan kalau kawah berapi aku mula keluar amaran paras 4 macam mana. haha.
- how to balance your worklife ....., travel

I am prefer to put hope instead resolution : for this upcoming 2014 ,  may the fate fares me better and who knows maybe found my new crime  travel partner since the usual one wanna get married . amin

started blogged 5 years ago , alhamdulillah it still there ..waktu tu hakak muda belia 25 tahun baru dik


Time Traveller said...

2014 akan lebih mengilap kepada arah lebih inovatif.. hehehee..

Jom tahun 2014 ni kita buat jelajah malaysia.. camping, hiking, trekking.. melawat tempat sejarah :D

All the best.. Selamat Tahun BAru :D

thaliana_damia said...

much obliged encik A , where to start? im on

nohas said...

All the best for the hopes and resolutions..usaha tangga kejayaan..

thaliana_damia said...

thanks for the pray mr nohas