Tuesday, February 11, 2014

this called R.E.Z.E.K.I

      We learn  the new word for today : Fernweh (pronounce :fein-weyh)  means :(n) an ache for distant places, the craving for travel. A German words adaptation to English.

"Im having this fernweh syndrome in the past few weeks" --my status updated in FB.

This so called post travel syndrome may not trigger once I touch down at KLIA or LCCT but after 2-3 weeks of holiday and  workload become like Mount Kilimanjaro, the craving of travel will stuck in my head. Somehow, I let myself to browse few places that I can consider cheap, affordable and just few days taken for short break or escapism. End up I wont buy the ticket -like hey , your responsibility as worker is there with this workload and your bucket list for 2014 is consider half full. Today, the terrible me with flood of cases which look a like the melting glacier, the situation surrounding me is consider tense, had make up my mind to search ticket to jogjakarta just to watch sunrise from candi borobudur. Lucky me , I saw the ticket price around RM270. Did asked my best friend and colleague either they would like to join me on 1-3 march for this short trip. Two of them give 50-50 answer.

After Zuhur prayer and still on lunch break, I try to search again the ticket to Jogjakarta and suddenly office's phone is rang. Its my boss ---waiting for her command or any urgent cases need to be done ASAP. Screen on PC still shows the ticket fare to Jogjakarta and I think about to travel solo :
My boss : Did you have any plan on xx march?
Me :No
My boss : I choose you to become our team presenter in Jakarta , just wait for the email from organizer. Don't go anywhere on that 3 days. one more thing most of the programmed is about the trip not too much on our work environment.
Me: er. Ok boss, thanks

waktu tu jugak aku rasa nak sujud syukur. Alhamdulillah . tinggal aku tak buat drama air mata depan kawan kawan sebab boss aku pesan before hang on the phone -Its personal between me and you.

I just plan for jogjakarta and as solo traveller , Allah's grant me with beautiful suprise to Jakarta , full covered , just bring pocket money for shopping and kind of solo since I am alone present for my team. Allah's answered my pray in beautiful way .

Maka nikmat Tuhan kamu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan? (Ar -rahman :13)
So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny? (Ar rahman :13)

credit photo :gambar dari file keluarga -monash mu tunggu aku datang , InsyaAllah

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