Friday, October 15, 2010

Good day my brother

Jam 00.00 , aku dikejutkan dengan arahan ...sila balas sms ni ...mata kejip kejip tak lalu nak bukak :

"Hey my family.Terima kasih banyak. Thanks for your good wishes. I pray for your full and happy life. When I am home i almost all the time wear sarong. I have malaysia and you in my heart! Bye"

we maybe not seen each other everyday . we are yet far , technology bring us closer i wish in my pray ...hope that one day u will embrace Islam and came back to malaysia we also keep the best memory with you when u;re with us in 2005

1 comment:

nina said...

huhuhu.. dulu try gak tulis malay..
skrg dah hilang all bahasa melayu dia..
May Allah give him hidayah.. Amin