Friday, March 27, 2015

When I sleep

when I sleep, in the middle of the night,
You are still busy in the middle of the room;
Far in southern west from kuala lumpur,
Busy of setting the line,
Run one pint normal saline,
Full sweat to do cpr to bmi 40 person,
Run and fast like watching medical drama series,
Like your energy is as at last 24 hours yesterday morning.

Allah's count every your deeds dear,
Just ignore those who yelled at you, complaint of knew nothing,
As you did for the sake of humanity,
For the good health of mankind,
For the trust that public give to you since you hold the MD at the back of your name.

I'm proud of you,
Being medical officer for medical ward,
As people told as killing posting,
U bear on it. U hold the grudge,
You take the risk driving 1 hour 30 mins from home at 4am just to ensure reach there earlier,
When we saw each other on weekend or after your postcall,
Your adrenaline is still back at stage 1,
Like yesterday never happen. Your smile is still the same.

May Allah bless you.
Be the good life saver H.
His counting your deed as ticket to jannah.

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